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Metal Detecting Fort Crane by John McCraw

Thanks to John McCraw for sending the images. Unfortunately the notes are handwritten, which we felt should be kept as the author scribed them.

Memoirs of a Treasure Hunter: The Highwayman of Epping Forest. By Barry Lawton

At my Treasure Hunting Club, I joined up with three other people, and we went out most weekends. They were Roger, Norman and Joe. This was after Ron Rowland the man who showed me how to metal detect and where,… Continue Reading →

What is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday or Easter Day is the most important day of the year for Christians. It is when they celebrate that three days after being killed, Jesus rose from the dead, sometimes called ‘the Resurrection’ and defeated evil forever. A… Continue Reading →

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is a very important day for all Christians. On Good Friday, Christians remember that Jesus died for everyone. He was crucified by the Romans on a hill outside Jerusalem. When a person was crucified, they were tied and… Continue Reading →

Shropshire Saxon sword mount declared treasure

An “exceptionally rare” silver sword mount has been declared treasure. The early medieval or Saxon artefact was found by metal detectorists around Culmington in south Shropshire. It dates from between the sixth and early seventh century and its function is… Continue Reading →

Notre dame latest updates

Photos are emerging of the damage to the interior of Notre-Dame. The collapsing spire punched a hole in the vaulted stone ceiling and burning material heaped in nave. This morning’s images show the scale of destruction caused by the devastating… Continue Reading →

FREE KINDLE BOOK – Photographing Detector Finds by Ian Robert Cartwright

PICTURING THE PAST FOR DETECTOR USERS With some million historical finds reported each year, Britain’s 30,000 metal detector enthusiasts are playing an increasingly responsible part in uncovering and mapping the story of our past which lies beneath the landscape.  Photographing… Continue Reading →

Oak Island Knights by James McQuiston

What would a 1671 British knighthood medallion be doing in the dirt near an unexplained, crumbling foundation, within 20 miles of the famous Oak Island, Nova Scotia, money pit? James McQuiston, historian and author, thinks he knows. McQuiston is a… Continue Reading →

Amazing Medieval Gold Ring discovered by Chris K Konczak

On Saturday 18th November 2017, I was out in the fields, there were no interesting signals on my Minelab Safari metal detector. Suddenly a weak signal appeared on the 1-9 scale and I stopped. I dug out a small hole… Continue Reading →

Introducing – Japan Treasure Hunters

We recently received an email from one of our readers, introducing his YouTube channel – Japan Treasure hunters. Now I for one have not seen many You tubers covering Japan, and having a basic knowledge of its history, I was… Continue Reading →

The Law of Treasure by A.G. Guest with the assistance of Paul Matthews

Author: A.G. Guest with the assistance of Paul Matthews. Paperback; 175x245mm; x+152 pages. 459 2018. Available both in printed and e-versions. Archaeopress Publishing Ltd Printed ISBN 9781784919740 Epublication ISBN 9781784919757. The importance of the Law of Treasure is largely the… Continue Reading →

Finding a Napoleonic era sword by Michael Almeida, Luxembourg.

This story starts when my son asked me to go detecting. For days he has been asking to go with me on a “treasure hunt”. Because of lack of time or bad weather, I kept postponing the outing. A week… Continue Reading →

The Yeovilton boiler explosion of 1895 by Dean Stainton

Chapter 1 – Tuxford & sons and the portable steam boilers During the early 1800s and towards the end of the industrial revolution the introduction of machines for farming such as the threshing and dressing machine led to a reduction… Continue Reading →

Metal detector enthusiast unearths treasure trove in field near Frenchay

A keen metal detectorist from Staple Hill has stumbled upon a box of antique jewellery, unearthed during a farmland search. David Upton, 72, uncovered the small box, filled to the brim with gold and silver jewellery and a range of precious and… Continue Reading →

Review: Seals and their context in the middle ages by Phillipp Schofield

PHILLIPP R. SCHOFIELD (ed), Seals and their Context in the Middle Ages 2015; viii + 205 pages, 14 essays, 130 colour and b&w illustrations, 4 tables. Oxford and Philadelphia, Oxbow Books 978-1-78297-817-6 Three and a half stars out of five  This… Continue Reading →

Provenance alert. Lady in Kent’s late grandfather’s archaeological collection.

Are you a Lady Living in Kent, who inherited a collection of artefacts from your grandfather in 2006, and sold some of them at auction in London in Sept. 2018? Or do you know the lady living in Kent? Please… Continue Reading →

Spring Detectival review by Clodhopper Scott and Huntress Kimmie ( Hoard Video included )

Weeks of anticipation built up for me and my wife, Huntress Kimmie, as Spring mini Detectival drew closer. What unfolded after our arrival would not soon be forgotten, by us or any that attended this fantastic metal detecting rally event…. Continue Reading →


***APPEAL FOR INFORMATION*** PLEASE SHARE. Humberside Police are appealing for witnesses following the assault of a man on Yapham Road in Pocklington shortly after midnight on Saturday 6 April. He sustained a serious head injury following the incident where he… Continue Reading →


ANCIENT ALIENS Has been a huge success for the History channel and is watched by many Millions of people each episode. the show takes theories and ideas primarily for Eric Von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’ book that was published… Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE: The launch of the Air Metal Detector

It is with great delight that the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine are able to assist in the pre – launch of the Air Metal Detector. the first smart Bluetooth metal detector. The pre – launch includes a kickstarter campaign… Continue Reading →

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