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Find a field Metal Detecting Group UK Rally review.

I’ve been unable to participate in metal detecting for a period of time, luckily just as I regained the ability to pick up my machine, a group i am a member of on Facebook, announced an organised rally only 12… Continue Reading →

The gateway to hell? Hundreds of anti-witch marks found in Midlands cave

If there is a gateway to hell, a portal from the underworld used by demons and witches to wreak their evil havoc on humanity, then it could be in a small east Midlands cave handy for both the M1 and… Continue Reading →

British Medieval History interview Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine Editor – Dave Sadler

Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine Editor Dave Sadler was invited to be interviewed by the leading Facebook group in its Genre –             British Medieval History this week. Here we thank Dave Pilling of British Medieval… Continue Reading →

NCMD overseas membership information.

During our recent broadcast of the All Metal Mode UK Podcast, we were joined by former National Council of Metal Detecting chairman – John Wells. Listen to “NCMD” on Spreaker. During the interview, we asked John about membership and insurance… Continue Reading →

Title to the gold by Andy Briggs

Forrest Fenn, a retired American art and antiquities dealer claims to have hidden a treasure chest in one of four States of the USA: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana.  He says the chest is located somewhere in the Rocky… Continue Reading →

A black market in black torture By Doug Pickford

They’re something that nightmares are made or – straight from a 1960s Hammer horror film – but ducking stools are fetching big money, it would appear. One, an aged oak contraption that last saw the light of day centuries ago… Continue Reading →

The Treasure Act in the UK

The following information is replicated directly from the Portable Antiquities Scheme website. The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine would like to thank the PAS for the use of the information and again offer our full support to the scheme and… Continue Reading →

My metal detecting journey by Digger Dawn

At the age of 13, while playing hide and seek on a building site, I dug my toe into the dirt and saw a coin appear. I pulled the coin from the mud, wiped it clean and looked that coin… Continue Reading →

Review: Aristowax Non-Silicone Wood Silk. A cheap alternative for Metal detecting finds cleaning and preservation.

Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine would like to make you aware of a small but growing contingent of individuals like myself, who have found that the use of the Aristowax Wood Silk furniture polish ( with Bees Wax) is convenient, cheap… Continue Reading →

Review : Seals and their Context in the Middle Ages by Phillip R Schofield

Seals and their Context in the Middle Ages 2015; viii + 205 pages, 14 essays, 130 colour and b&w illustrations, 4 tables. Oxford and Philadelphia, Oxbow Books 978-1-78297-817-6 or Click here for direct link Hardback £81.  Three and a half… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: 50 Finds from Manchester and Merseyside: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme by Vanessa Oakden

50 Finds from Manchester and Merseyside: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme by Vanessa Oakden Vanessa Oakden Amberley Publishing – £13.49 ISBN-13 – 978-1445658551 Greater Manchester and Merseyside are built-up, urban areas, where the archaeology is often hidden under modern buildings… Continue Reading →

REVIEW: 50 Finds from Cheshire: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

50 Finds from Cheshire: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme Vanessa Oakden Amberley, £14.99 ISBN 978-1445646909 This new work celebrating finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Cheshire provides an illustrated insight into the county’s archaeology, and challenges previous… Continue Reading →

The Archaeology Fox by Stuart Harris. Book review by Lily Sadler (Aged 9)

Daddy loves the Romans Mummy the ancient Greeks Little fox just doesn’t get it He thinks his parents are geeks What is with all the photos? A shovel in the hand, Daddy fox says it is a magic trick That… Continue Reading →

Poetical Expressions from Worlds Below. By Mike Murphy

My passion for history and all things archaeological stem from several things, My Dad and Uncle – Both 1970’s detectorist’s and passionate history buffs, And Mick Murphy. For as long as I can remember from being a child, Mike Murphy… Continue Reading →

The “Incomplete” Staffordshire Hoard by Graham Withers

In December 2012, 60-year-old Tempus Member, Graham Withers, who formally ran the clubs meeting place – The Church House Inn on Buxton Road in Congleton, found a small hoard in a field in North Staffordshire. The 10 valuable pennies –… Continue Reading →

An Occult or Mormon Talisman by Ant Doyle

After starting out detecting the beaches for modern coins whilst living in Australia, I was always keen to get out in the fields of the UK and get at some ancient history. Not long after my return in 2015 I… Continue Reading →

Archmdmag relaunch, competition and message from YouTubers

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine has been out of action for nearly a month. Server errors in Europe led to our own and many other sites details and information to be unfortunately deleted. This led… Continue Reading →

Finds Identified book review by Archmdmag

  Finds Identified, available from priced £30. It’s taken me a few weeks to get through over 350 pages of this book, not because of time just that every page has you captivated by its incredible detail. It starts… Continue Reading →

The Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report 2017

  Another record year of finds have been reported to the The Portable Antiquities Scheme in the UK, Metal detectorists and archaeologists have reported a staggering amount of artifacts and proved again how important the scheme is. A breakdown of data… Continue Reading →

The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine hard copy issue 1

At Detectival 2018 the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine produced our first paper copy version, which we gave away for free to participants and visitors at the event. We are happy to offer the PDF version of the publication for… Continue Reading →

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