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On This Day in UK History. 15th May.1464 The Battle of Hexham (Northumberland). It marked the end of significant Lancastrian resistance in the north of England during the early part of the reign of Edward IV.See photo of Edward IV, first reign (1461-70), silver Groat of Fourpence, light coinage (1464-70), type Vd, London Mint, facing crowned bust with nothing on breast, quatrefoil each side of neck, within double tressure of nine arcs, fleurs on six cusps, beaded circles and legend surrounding, saltire stops, initial mark rose (1464-65), EDWARD'x DIx GRAx REX'x AnGL'x Zx FRAnC, rev. long cross pattee, tri-pellets in each inner angle, one quarter with extra pellet, beaded circles and double concentric legends surrounding, CIVI TAS LOn DOn, inner legend with trefoil stops, large serif foot to P, POSVI DEVmxx A DIVTOR Ex mEVm, weight 2.77g (N.1568; S.2000). Toned, some flat spots in striking evident, otherwise about very fine.The Latin abbreviated legend translates as "Edward, by the grace of God, King of England and France, Lord of Ireland" and on the reverse "I have made God my helper," a Psalm from the Bible, with "City of London" on the inner circle.1536 The trial of Anne Boleyn. She was accused of incest, sleeping with 4 men and an assassination plot against her husband, King Henry VIII. She was found guilty by a specially-selected jury and executed four days later.1567 Mary Queen of Scots married James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, just three months after the assassination of her husband, Lord Darnley. Note - The Palace (see picture) is the Queen's official residence in Scotland.1568 Mary Queen of Scots spent her last night on Scottish soil here at Dundrennan Abbey (see picture). The next morning she boarded a fishing boat bound for Workington in England and for imprisonment and eventual execution.1718 The first machine gun was patented by London lawyer James Puckle who, as a keen fisherman, intended to use it at sea! He began to manufacture it in London in 1721.1740 Ephraim Chambers, the English encyclopaedist died.1800 George III survived two assassination attempts in one day, the second coming from James Hadfield who fired a shot at the King during a performance at the Drury Lane Theatre in London. Hadfield was later acquitted by reason of insanity.1858 The present Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London was opened.1895 The death of Joseph Whitaker, English publisher of Whitaker's Almanac.1909 The birth, in Huddersfield, of James Mason, British actor who appeared in more than 80 films. His distinctive voice enabled him to play a menacing villain as greatly as his good looks assisted him as a leading man. His roles include Brutus in Julius Caesar, Field Marshal Rommel in The Desert Fox and Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.Information gathered from various sources including..www.vcoins.com/en/stores/sovereign_rarities/www.beautifulbritain.co.uk/Compiled and posted from Kent, UK. ... See MoreSee Less
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