Are you manufacturer, stockist, author or any other business related to the genres covered by the Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine? If so Archmdmag can offer you a wide range of advertising options to suit your needs.

We also offer an honest and unbiased review service, or if a review is not required, we will be able to offer and opinion or discuss with first hand knowledge.

What can we offer? Well we have multiple ways to facilitate your needs. Look around and you can see logo’s embedded into our website which automatically link to your website or product. We also include advertisements in posts specific to the product where available. Posts concerning your products can also be made. These are published throughout our social media accounts and to others similar, again genre specific.

The website has for the past 3 years, an average of nearly 250,000 views per year. We pride ourselves that the site has achieved this figure, peaking 2 years ago at 375,000 hits. Our demographics also reach around the world. predominantly the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France, Romania and China.

We have recently launched the Archaeology and Metal magazine android app, mirroring our website and already have a very large amount of downloads, the Apple app follows very soon.

To keep up to date with all our news, you can get our  free Android app by clicking here.

Alternatively our iOS app is available free from the appstore here

Next up, the BIG Metal detecting show. Our live weekly TV show airs on YouTube and Social media. A recent episode was seen by over 100,000 people on social media, though generally the figure always exceeds 60,000 views. At the start of every episode we air advertisements of less than 30 seconds and have a number of well known companies utilising this option. Advertisements also air mid show and at the end of every episode. Be seen as part of currently the world’s only weekly chat show of its type. We would also like to invite you or a representative to appear on the show to discuss your product on a future edition of the BIG Metal Detecting show.

Our social media accounts are very important to us and are managed constantly by our team. Our front page of social media is the Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine Facebook page, which includes our world news service, daily funnies, updates, advertising and much more. Followed by 30,000 people worldwide, many of our original posts are shared and viewed by multiple sources which equals  massive web presence. The page generally exceeds 350 new followers per week. The BIG Metal Detecting show also airs live here every Thursday at 8pm UK time.

An Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine Facebook group also exists with 4000 members, again a good weekly growth, posts and advertising also appear here, this group offers member involvement and discussion and has in the past offered public feedback on products, which has assisted in the advertising process. The BIG Metal Detecting show also airs live here every Thursday at 8pm UK time

The BIG Metal Detecting show Facebook group also offers all the above, with the addition of user and guest interaction and is concentrated directly to the BIG Metal Detecting show itself. The show airs here weekly and includes all the advertising from our other pages and site. The show is also converted to a weekly podcast for audio listeners and includes the advertising for this medium.

We are also able to publish posts to a number of other social media groups via agreements with owners and moderators, this includes the BIG Metal Detecting show.

We also include our Twitter and Instagram feeds as promotional tools, where all of our other areas of media are seen and promoted.

We also have our own version of Netflix, offering historical playlists for all genres covered by us. Archmdmag.TV is one of our groundbreaking concepts to bring everything under one umbrella. Video advertising will also be included here.

Last but certainly not least. The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine produce up to 6 editions of our magazine in a hard format every year. These magazines have been tailored to suit events, but can be altered to suit any plan or product. These magazines are FREE to readers and are distributed via major events and via some of the UK’s leading rally organisers and groups. We have produced between 5000 and 10000 copies of past editions, which we are able to make freely available via payments for advertising. Advertising rates are the same for any company or individual and come in full page, multi page, half or quarter packages. Other inclusions can also be discussed. The paper version of the magazine is also released in PDF version and published via all our social media accounts and on the website PDF page.

If you would like to learn more about advertising with us, please contact to discuss all ideas.