Reviewing this book was a real treat as I have been interested in the subject of ancient wonders and the crystal skulls for many years.

Most people will be aware of the crystal skulls. Considered to be ancient and mysterious in regards how and why they were manufactured.

Since the discovery of the first ancient crystal skull, others have surfaced of various design and shape. It has been theorised that such skulls were significant and often used in worship, mystical practices and possibly spiritual enlightenment.

This book concentrates on the authors attempts to unlock the mysteries behind the crystal skulls, travelling around the globe and dedicating years of investigation and research. Discovery and adventure possibly lead to unlocking ancient wisdom.

The author Patricia Mercier takes you on a journey into the unknown where science fails to provide suitable answers.

It has been said that crystal skulls have the power to heal and communicate with each other. You We are also introduced to a new super-consciousness that the crystal skulls suggest is a key to the future – a rebirth of humanity when, with the help of the skulls,

Homo sapiens could evolve into Homo spiritus… A truly fascinating book well worth getting your hands on.

Steve Mera

Crystal Skulls and the Enigma of Time by Patricia Mercia is available here