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The Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine are one of the leading online sites of its genre. Produced by Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists for Archaeologist, Metal Detectorists and all other interested readers. Offering multiple platforms for Archaeological, Historical and metal detecting news, articles, research areas, multimedia and much more. It is our hope that we are able to assist in multiple areas from learning, assisting and communication.

Each section offers in depth information and resources regarding the categories content.

Along with our social media sites and involvement in some of the foremost genre specific TV shows and podcasts available, the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine offer a totally free information location to any level of interested and participating hobbyist or professional.

As well as this site and our Facebook and Twitter social media pages, we also offer Arch MD Mag TV with regular additions to our playlists from some of the best documentaries to well known Metal Detecting personalities and many other historical videos, as well as our own YouTube episodes.

We also offer a weekly TV show and Podcast – The Big Detecting show which can be found along with our social media pages at the links below.

If you would like your articles or images published and promoted, please feel free to contact us at editor@archmdmag.com

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