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The Oak Island Mystery by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe book review.

It began innocently enough … in 1795 three boys discovered the top of an ancient shaft on uninhabited Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. The boys began to dig, and what they uncovered started the world’s greatest and strangest… Continue Reading →

Team of Yorkshire 5th annual metal detecting rally

Archmdmag are delighted to introduce Team of Yorkshire’s 5th annual metal detecting rally. Team of Yorkshire are a predominantly, but not exclusively, a group of Polish metal detectorist’s, who consistently work to assist archaeology in several countries as well as… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Treasure Hunter: The Highwayman of Epping Forest. By Barry Lawton

At my Treasure Hunting Club, I joined up with three other people, and we went out most weekends. They were Roger, Norman and Joe. This was after Ron Rowland the man who showed me how to metal detect and where,… Continue Reading →

Shropshire Saxon sword mount declared treasure

An “exceptionally rare” silver sword mount has been declared treasure. The early medieval or Saxon artefact was found by metal detectorists around Culmington in south Shropshire. It dates from between the sixth and early seventh century and its function is… Continue Reading →

FREE KINDLE BOOK – Photographing Detector Finds by Ian Robert Cartwright

PICTURING THE PAST FOR DETECTOR USERS With some million historical finds reported each year, Britain’s 30,000 metal detector enthusiasts are playing an increasingly responsible part in uncovering and mapping the story of our past which lies beneath the landscape.  Photographing… Continue Reading →

Spring Detectival review by Clodhopper Scott and Huntress Kimmie ( Hoard Video included )

Weeks of anticipation built up for me and my wife, Huntress Kimmie, as Spring mini Detectival drew closer. What unfolded after our arrival would not soon be forgotten, by us or any that attended this fantastic metal detecting rally event…. Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE: The launch of the Air Metal Detector

It is with great delight that the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine are able to assist in the pre – launch of the Air Metal Detector. the first smart Bluetooth metal detector. The pre – launch includes a kickstarter campaign… Continue Reading →

Revising the definition of treasure in the Treasure Act 1996 and revising the related codes of practice

Please Click on the following link to access this important information – Revising the definition of treasure in the Treasure Act 1996 and revising the related codes of practice

Find a field Metal Detecting Group UK Rally review.

I’ve been unable to participate in metal detecting for a period of time, luckily just as I regained the ability to pick up my machine, a group i am a member of on Facebook, announced an organised rally only 12… Continue Reading →


You might remember back in 2018 two Detectorists found a Hoard of ‘gold’ Roman coins on the Suffolk / Essex border – You can imagine how they felt – Shouting , jumping around and dancing in the field at the… Continue Reading →

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