We recently spoke to Sergey Haxall on our Facebook group and were given permission to introduce and discuss an absolutely stunning Medieval gold ring. Discovered by his friend – Jevgenij La whilst filming one of the YouTube videos.

After finding numerous coins and other artifacts, including a beautiful belt buckle with Cricket related engraving Jevgenij came upon a find of a lifetime. Using a Garrett AT Pro Javgenij came upon his first gold, and what a stunning piece it was. A beautiful 14th to 16th century religious Gold ring with sapphire and rubies and Name “Jesus ” engraved on it.

The ring is currently with the Finds Liaison Officer from the Portable Antiquities Scheme and he’s been told that it is very special and important find!

The Moment the ring was discovered can be seen on their video from around 9.00 minutes. The video is mostly in their native tongue, with subtitles throughout.