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Hammered coins

Spring Detectival review by Clodhopper Scott and Huntress Kimmie ( Hoard Video included )

Weeks of anticipation built up for me and my wife, Huntress Kimmie, as Spring mini Detectival drew closer. What unfolded after our arrival would not soon be forgotten, by us or any that attended this fantastic metal detecting rally event…. Continue Reading →

Readers Finds: A William III half Guinea

At the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine, we feel honoured to receive images and stories of readers finds. Sometimes however, we are able to go a step further. A work colleague of mine does not have the best mobile phone… Continue Reading →

The Metal Detectives Finds Of 2018 – In Pictures

The Metal Detectives Group had an incredible year in 2018. The Metal Detectives run regular digs through the year and more information can be found by visiting The Metal Take a look through the amazing images of finds made… Continue Reading →

The Treasure Act in the UK

The following information is replicated directly from the Portable Antiquities Scheme website. The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine would like to thank the PAS for the use of the information and again offer our full support to the scheme and… Continue Reading →

My metal detecting journey by Digger Dawn

At the age of 13, while playing hide and seek on a building site, I dug my toe into the dirt and saw a coin appear. I pulled the coin from the mud, wiped it clean and looked that coin… Continue Reading →

A Holiday Of A Lifetime – XP DEUS Found Civil War Hoard

When interviewed Darcy said that a detecting trip to the UK with his XPDeus was on his bucket list but he never imagined something like this would happen. Using the HOT program for the first time he heard a solid quiet… Continue Reading →

The “Incomplete” Staffordshire Hoard by Graham Withers

In December 2012, 60-year-old Tempus Member, Graham Withers, who formally ran the clubs meeting place – The Church House Inn on Buxton Road in Congleton, found a small hoard in a field in North Staffordshire. The 10 valuable pennies –… Continue Reading →

The Rutus Hoard by Marcin Kowalski

Marcin began Metal Detecting in 2014 with a Whites Coin Master but used this for just a few outings before changing to a Whites XLT and began Metal Detecting the fields around Lancashire extensively researching the area to find good… Continue Reading →


This story originally featured in the first paper edition of The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine released in September. In all My years of Detecting and following numerous facebook groups I have never seen one found—Siege Money , So you… Continue Reading →

Metal Detectives Christmas Dig : Axe Head Hoard, Gold Rings, Gold Hammered and More Arose

The Metal Detectives group hosted its annual Christmas Dig on the 23rd of December in Oxfordshire. An incredible amount of amazing finds arose including a ‘block of Axe heads’ that was excavated and will be taken to the British Museum… Continue Reading →

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