Jason Jones has become quite the person to add to history and numismatics, especially when it comes to the Norman King Stephen, having just discovered another rare coin in Norfolk.

Last year we covered a story about the first Stephen Penny discovered by Jason, whilst using a Minelab Equinox 800, again in Norfolk.

Last week, Jason again made an important discovery for British history and Numismatics.

This time, using an XP Deus, with a x35 coil and the Deus Fast setting program 3 – Sensitivity 93 – frequency 17.2kh, Jason discovered a new type Norman King Stephen Penny.

Jason has recorded the coin, also communicating with the Fitzwilliam Museum –

Hi Jason,

Many thanks for this very helpful information about your new find, which I have recorded as EMC 2021.0129.

This is a coin of the Ipswich moneyer Alvric reading +ALVRIC:ON:GI[PE?][ ], providing a new type for a moneyer previously recorded in Stephen type 6 (there was also an Ipswich moneyer named Alfric in Stephen type 1).

An interesting find.

Best regards,

Dr Martin Allen

Fitzwilliam Museum

Thanks again to Jason for providing the information and allowing us to publish the images. You can watch Jason’s video of the discovery below.

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