This story originally featured in the first paper edition of The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine released in September.

In all My years of Detecting and following numerous facebook groups I have never seen one found—Siege Money , So you can imagine My surprise when scrolling through the posts on the UK Dirtfishing facebook group one popped up on My screen posted by Detectorist Scotty Bea.

WOW , what a fantastic find. Siege money or money of necessity was minted in Newark on Trent during the siege in 1646 — the last year of the English civil War to meet need for money the besieged Royalists set up a mint. Scotty describes the events of the day He found the coin below…

‘’I Went out with a few friends to My permission in Ponteland in Newcastle to a ploughed Field with my marko racer. We set up as usual and started Detecting, the signals few and Far and between until a got a signal that I had never had before showing up strange numbers my machine from 52-56 and a constant signal so thought I would dig it. At around 6 inches deep was My target. A triangle silver shaped object. I Picked it up and was so excited and about to shout I had found a stamp but then of course realised you cannot get metal stamps ! My friend Tony ran over and told Me it was a coin. But not a normal coin but a Hammered coin and not a normal Hammerd coin a silver Newark siege shilling from 1646. My 1st ever Hammerd coin and a rare one at that. It was amazing, we loved it and felt so excited we kept Detecting for much longer than normal ! Scotty then went through the process of recording the find through PAS and His Finds Liaison Officer commented that this was the only such coin He had recorded’’

The Siege coin is not the first significant find Scotty has made , back in 2017 He hit headlines after discovering a ‘Human hand’ whilst Metal Detecting His local beach— Leaving Forensics at the scene baffled they could not identify the find but testing later revealed it to be the skeletal fin of a Seal !

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