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How Do We Best Interpret The Decoration On Early Anglo-Saxon Artefacts? By Alison Smith (BA Hons)

Introduction. This essay will discuss ‘How do we best interpret the Decoration on Early Anglo-Saxon artefacts?’ by discussing how personal items had a symbolic meaning to Early Anglo-Saxon people. The essay will describe the decoration of three artefacts; The Coppergate… Continue Reading →

Oak Island in Pictures. From Maps to history and finds.

A selection of images from Oak Islands long history, Please click on individual images to view at full size.

Sheppey plumber finds ‘magic’ Roman amulet in Faversham field owned by Russian princess

A plumber from the Isle of Sheppey has struck gold in a field owned by a Russian princess. Ashley Wilson has been venturing out to fields with his metal detector for six years, but made the find of his life… Continue Reading →

Amazing Medieval Gold Ring discovered by Chris K Konczak

On Saturday 18th November 2017, I was out in the fields, there were no interesting signals on my Minelab Safari metal detector. Suddenly a weak signal appeared on the 1-9 scale and I stopped. I dug out a small hole… Continue Reading →

Spring Detectival review by Clodhopper Scott and Huntress Kimmie ( Hoard Video included )

Weeks of anticipation built up for me and my wife, Huntress Kimmie, as Spring mini Detectival drew closer. What unfolded after our arrival would not soon be forgotten, by us or any that attended this fantastic metal detecting rally event…. Continue Reading →

Readers Finds: A William III half Guinea

At the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine, we feel honoured to receive images and stories of readers finds. Sometimes however, we are able to go a step further. A work colleague of mine does not have the best mobile phone… Continue Reading →

Rare Bronze Age gold bulla discovered in Shropshire officially declared treasure

A rare Bronze Age gold bulla discovered at a secret location in Shropshire was today officially declared treasure. The Bronze Age gold bulla discovered in Shropshire. Photo: British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme Mr John Ellery, HM Senior Coroner for Shropshire… Continue Reading →

Find a field Metal Detecting Group UK Rally review.

I’ve been unable to participate in metal detecting for a period of time, luckily just as I regained the ability to pick up my machine, a group i am a member of on Facebook, announced an organised rally only 12… Continue Reading →

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