Si Weller was detecting in East Sussex with his father Chris, pleasantly swinging away with his Minelab Equinox 800 when he received a signal and set down to dig the tone.

What happened next can best be described by viewing the video yourself

Si was gobsmacked and thought he had discovered a Roman ring. He soon noticed the age was not that great, but even so was still excited to find a beautiful gold ring with a a twin face in the head.

Si decided to take the ring to Chatfield Jewellers for cleaning and identification and this week he has had the ring returned. A beautiful 1907, 9 caret gold intaglio ring with a Birmingham hallmark now resides in pride of place in Si’s collection.

He has kindly provided us with the ring in its final form, we are sure you will agree it looks fantastic. Thanks for allowing us to publish the tale and images Si.

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