As a teenager I was enthralled by Eric Von Daniken and his ‘Chariots of the gods’ book that preceded the hugely popular ‘Ancient Aliens’ History channel television series and many other alternate theories caught my attention from the ‘face on mars’ famously captured by the NASA Viking satellite in 1976 to of course Roswell.

These ‘theories’ had an exciting edge – Far from the history taught by my tweed wearing teacher at school – Ancient Aliens , The face on mars and Roswell made history exciting !

I have to admit that the influence of these alternate scenarios still play a part in my life today although I would readily admit that it is a case ‘I want to believe’ of wanting to return to the boyish thrill and excitement that these tales gave me in my younger years. It is the same reason I still refuse to believe that Nessie does not lurk beneath the dark water of Loch Ness – Life is a little more intriguing to allow myself to think ‘ hmmmm maybe’

But that said certain alternate or conspiracy theories just beggar belief and Ancient Aliens certainly fits that bill.

The video below absolutely DESTROYS the common themes that run through the series and highlights what amounts to out and out misinformation within the program.