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Unbelievable! Two amateur metal detectorists unearth biggest haul of Roman coins of its kind ever found in Britain

A bundle of Roman coins discovered by a pair of amateur metal detector enthusiasts near Sleaford has been declared as one of the largest hauls of its kind ever found in the United Kingdom. The discovery, which was made near┬áRauceby,came… Continue Reading →

Sheppey plumber finds ‘magic’ Roman amulet in Faversham field owned by Russian princess

A plumber from the Isle of Sheppey has struck gold in a field owned by a Russian princess. Ashley Wilson has been venturing out to fields with his metal detector for six years, but made the find of his life… Continue Reading →

Provenance alert. Lady in Kent’s late grandfather’s archaeological collection.

Are you a Lady Living in Kent, who inherited a collection of artefacts from your grandfather in 2006, and sold some of them at auction in London in Sept. 2018? Or do you know the lady living in Kent? Please… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a treasure hunter: The Roman Centurian. By Barry Lawton

I had always been interested in history and was always rambling in the countryside picking up anything that looked interesting, old bottles, clay pipes and anything that looked interesting. All that changed one day in 1970 when I was watching… Continue Reading →

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