I love a good book. I have hundreds and I am very fortunate to have some sent to me for review in the magazine and published throughout our social media platforms.

Some books are a very good quality, yet the content leaves a lot to be desired, some look bad, with great information inside.

So came the delivery of Finds Identified II by Greenlight Publishing

Upon opening the packaging, as with all books I have by the company, I was astounded by the quality. A large stunning image of an Anglo Saxon disc brooch met my gaze.

I set the book aside for a few days as I have been busy updating the website and other related work, but now I get the opportunity to wax lyrical about this splendid tome.

Greenlight Publishing’s book information reads as follows:

The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

FINDS IDENTIFIED II – Dress Fittings & Ornaments

by Kevin Leahy & Michael Lewis

The second book in the Finds Identified series, this volume focuses on dress fittings and ornaments, the most common artefacts found by metal detectorists. Beautifully illustrated, with thousands of photographs of over 1300 artefacts, this book provides an essential guide to identifying metal detecting finds.

As with the first book, the objects are organised on a thematic basis, with similar types shown together, allowing you to see how various types of artefacts have evolved through the ages.

Contents include:
Brooches, Pins & Bodkins, Buckles, Belt Clasps,
Strap Fittings, Belt Hooks & Purses, Girdle Hangers
& Chatelaines, Strap Ends, Button and Loop
Fasteners and Toggles, Sleeve Clasps, Hooked
Tags and Dress Hooks, Buttons and Cufflinks, Lace
Tags, Torcs and Necklaces, Beads, Pendants, Rings,
Bracelets and Finger Rings, Earrings, Spurs, Badges
300+ pages, A4, Hardback. 1,300+ artefacts 
3,000+ colour photographs £30.00

I sat down and opened the book and was honestly mesmerised by the images inside. I sat agog as I learned about the copious amount of brooch types. I did not realise that the subject matter could be broken down into such fine detail and some brooch variations even relate to a certain place.

The description of the content does not actually do the book justice. I believe that any person who has discovered one of the artifacts within, will be very proud of its inclusion. Greenlight publishing lead the way in books relating to metal finds, via Archaeological excavations, Metal detecting or eyes only finds.

I said I would wax lyrical, but in a lot of ways, I am unable to find the ways to describe how good I feel this book is. The original Finds Identified book reviewed her set a high standard for books of this type, Finds Identified II reaches the same heights. Any person looking to own a book of this ilk, for general reading or research purposes should certainly invest.

Under magnificent pressure, the Portable Antiquities scheme perform a fantastic job in the UK, especially during the Covid pandemic and the inability to meet with those who have made discoveries which are adding to our knowledge of History. Working from home must be especially hard for the Finds Liaison Officers, but I know of some plans that are in place to assist with the finds recording process.

Kevin Leahy and Michael Lewis have together constructed a marvellous collection of artifacts in one place that is without a doubt, one of the foremost series of books of their types. I commend them for their work in putting the book into its fantastic format, choosing the correct artifacts to include and adding all the written information included.

This book is a must for Archaeologist, Metal Detectorist or interested hobbyist in any associated discipline. Do yourself a favour a get a copy of Finds Identified II