With lockdown having further increased the amount of time we and our children spend stuck indoors a new innovation in Children’s detectors could not have come at a better time.

The new Nokta Makro Mini and Midi Hoards were launched in the UK and USA a few months ago and believe me, will make a fantastic present. I should know, my 8 year old son, who gets called Archaeoboy has been detecting with me a few times, but my adult machines are too ungainly for him, though that hasn’t deterred his love and enthusiasm.

Built with age specific in mind, the Mini hoard offers a very easy digital display with the happy face and sad face indicating when to dig, I think the easy emoji style will help your child understand the basics of the machine.

The Midi hoard takes a step up offering a more adult look, without the additional bells and whistles. The shaft can be extended for taller children, but as in both machines, retracts for ease of carrying. Both machines run on 2 x AA batteries.

Give your child the gift of adventure – Metal Detecting gets Boys, Girls and Mums and Dads outside in the fresh air as a family and you just never know what treasures you could end up unearthing.

Unlike the machines that can be purchased in major UK retail outlets the Mini and Midi Hoard detectors actually work ! Manufactured by Nokta Makro – one of the leading designers of metal detection equipment in the world you can be assured of a robust and effective gift for the kids.

The machine is also waterproof so ideal for the beach or not so sunny days !

Prices in the UK are great with Mini Hoard at £94.95 (4 – 8 years) , the Midi at £114.95 and the Mini Hoard ‘cool Kit’ at £114.95 (8- teenage)

You can buy the Mini or Midi Hoard directly by clicking on Leisure Promotions or Peaky finders.

A damn good machine for Children to get them out of the house as the video below suggests. We have discussed these machines on the BIG Detecting show on several occasions, the hoards have received high praise indeed from experienced adult detectorists and field testers. Pop on over to YouTube and watch one of the many test videos from around the world.

We would love to hear any of your children’s success stories if you do plan on acquiring one of these fantastic machines and tell the sellers we sent you!