Daddy loves the Romans Mummy the ancient Greeks Little fox just doesn’t get it He thinks his parents are geeks What is with all the photos? A shovel in the hand, Daddy fox says it is a magic trick That takes you to long lost lands……

I kindly received the Archaeology Fox by Stuart Harris yesterday. I opened it and left it on the side while I went for a bath after work. My family came in and i heard my 9 year old daughter ask her Mum what it was, and automatically began reading it to my 4 year old son. The cheek, someone reading a virgin book before me. What I was astounded at was they read and listened in full. No asking straight for tablets or TV.

My daughter is at the age where she has been studying the Stone age, the Vikings and Medieval times in school, with a recent school trip to York. My Son has several mini metal detectors and in pre school recently talked the teachers and fellow class mates into digging up the school grounds for treasure. So much so I had to find historic maps of the area for the project he had inadvertently begun.

So. Seeing as this book is written for a younger age group, I asked my daughter, to review the Archaeology Fox by Stuart Harris.

” I thought the Archaeology Fox was a very good book, it told a good story and I liked the fox. I hope the fox is in another book.”

Mason added – “It was Ace”

Additionally with the agreement of the author, I have been able to forward the book to other children of friends and to Buglawton Primary School, Congleton Cheshire, for review as a class topic.

Dave Sadler – Editor