The following is taken from the official petition to assist in the future of the Archaeology and Heritage department and Chester University.

I am from Ellesmere Port and during my years in am active Archaeological group, we worked alongside many of their students and tutors and I have remained friends with many.

Please read the following and visit the link to sign the petition, and please make others aware.

For over three decades Archaeology and Heritage have been taught at the University of Chester. Over that time, the academics in the Department have provided an extremely high-quality, and highly rated, set of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. As an experienced and innovative team, with a 2020 NSS result of 100% overall student satisfaction, they are recognised nationally, and internationally, for their teaching whilst their research and public engagement promotes the history of Chester and its surrounding regions, and thus contributes to the character and economy of the city as a whole.

Despite this recognised excellence, however, staff delivering these programmes were sent ‘at risk’ notifications for redundancy on the evening of Thursday 1 April 2021, just before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

All members of staff in the Department of History and Archaeology are shocked and troubled by the timing and nature of these proposed redundancies. This development is particularly upsetting given the collective efforts made by the team to continue their research whilst enhancing and innovating their teaching over the last 12 months of pandemic lockdowns for the benefit of their students, their collaborative partners and their institution.

On their behalf we are now campaigning to protect the long-standing and innovative teaching and research of the Archaeology and Heritage staff at the University of Chester, supporting the University and College Union’s (UCU) agreed stance of ‘no compulsory redundancies’. As well as signing the petition please also support the team by following them on the links below as they lobby for their survival:



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