BIG Detecting show viewer Dominik Tomczyk recently introduced to us to the fine work that a friend of his – Youtuber Golden Maniek has been doing in saving history and working with his local museum.

We spoke to Mariusz Ciepluch from the channel and was kind enough to offer us the use of his most recent find whilst mudlarking on the River Thames in London.

Mudlarking is a common hobby in modern times, which was historically, a way for people to earn a living, you can learn all about it in our article – Mudlarking: Whats it all about?

Mariusz recently discovered this fine example of a George III Guinea, minted in 1775. He unearthed the coin whilst using an XP Deus, with an elliptical coil between Putney Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge on the River Thames.

Mariusz has a Port of London authority licence, which allows him to participate in the hobby in that area and use his metal detector.

Although predominantly in Polish, Mariusz’s videos have some fantastic content of all of his discoveries, both Metal Detecting and Mudlarking.

Thanks to Mariusz for allowing us to share his find.

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