Finding a Napoleonic era sword by Michael Almeida, Luxembourg.

This story starts when my son asked me to go detecting. For days he has been asking to go with me on a “treasure hunt”. Because of lack of time or bad weather, I kept postponing the outing. A week before Christmas, we finally went. It was a beautiful but crisp winter day; I was a bit flu ridden but still went with the boy for a couple of hours. We went to a forest, about 6miles from my house, in Germany near the Luxembourg border. It’s an amazing forest, very pristine. I took my Xp Deus with the 11″ coil and was using the Deep program. Off we went! The ground was clean, little trash; we started to get some finds -musket balls, a 1712 Luxembourg coin called a Liard, buckes, etc.

Because it was getting dark, we started to head back to the car, I was still swinging the machine on the way back, as you do… Then about 50 yards from the car, near a tree I had a banging sound and it was giving me a ferrous and non ferrous readings. Because it was big, I decided to dig, you never know…

Then we saw the shape of a sword and then with the emotion of the find we started to dig with our hands! My son kept saying, “It’s a Pirate Sword “. It left me perplexed because in all the years detecting I’ve never found anything like this. It was nice to have my son there with me having this experience. What we found was a Napoleonic Infantry Briquet circa 1806-1813, probably used in the Napoleonic Prussian wars. Well chuffed! Now after been cleaned it stays on top of our fireplace. We dedicate this find to all of my fellow detectorist’s.

Napoleon once said “the enthusiasm is the biggest strength of the soul, preserve it and you will never lose the will to achieve whatever you want”.

Good luck and happy hunting


Congratulations to Micheal and his son on discovering a fantastic sword, and thank you from all at Archmdmag for your story and images.

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