So. I recently took delivery of the C-Scope 440XD metal detector. The CS440XD is an entry level machine, well within anybodies chosen price range and, having used the machine now on several occasions, I can probably suggest it to be a bargain. Especially as the current package includes the basic starter package for those who want a ready to go experience.

True, other products at a similar price have bells, whistles and a digital display. But the CS440XD adds a now lesser used commodity of being an analogue, non – motion metal detector. And having now utilised this in my hobby, I am glad to have its ability to call upon.

C-Scopes website advertises the unit as “a Beginner’s detector that is simple to operate and delivers excellent performance. Now includes Starter Kit 1, get detecting straightaway!

If you’re new to detecting and looking for a simple and affordable entry level non-motion detector then the C.SCOPE 440XD is the right detector for you.

The CS440XD is a lightweight performance metal detector with variable discrimination which will simply eliminate signals from rubbish targets. Family fun on beach or inland sites is guaranteed with this neat detector at a budget price.”

The C-Scope 440 XD information:


  • Sensitivity and Retune button so you can simply adjust the detector so it works at peak performance no matter what the conditions.
  • Variable Discrimination simply eliminates signals from rubbish targets.
  • Counterbalanced stem with Arm-rest has been designed for fingertip control and perfect balance.
  • Lightweight Control Box ensures the detector is especially easy on the arm.
  • Adjustable Stem and locking mechanism enables the detector to be quickly and securely tailored to fit any user.
  • Waterproof lightweight search head is fitted for deep probing and superb stability.
  • Internal Loudspeaker.
  • Headphone socket.
  • Includes Starter kit, comprising of Search head cover, Alkaline PP3 battery, Mini headphones and small digger.


  • Non- motion operating system
  • 17kHz operating system
  • 20cm Polo ISOCON search head
  • 1 x PP3 (MN1604, 6LR61) battery
  • 30 hours Typical Battery Life – * Depends on usage pattern and battery type. Alkaline recommended.
  • Weight – 1.153 kg (including batteries
  • Guarantee – ** 5 years parts cover. 2 years parts and labour.

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I have been unable to metal detect for a while due to multiple reasons, so upon returning actively, I took both my normal detector, plus the C-Scope 440XD. To get back into the ‘swing’ of it, pun intended, I set out with my usual machine to reacquaint myself with the rhythm and general use of a metal detector. After a few hours and the stupidity of climbing a steep hill, I decided to return to my car and put the C-Scope 440XD to the test.

Now. For regular readers of the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine, you may have read my article regarding my How I began metal detecting and archaeology. This explains my affinity with C-Scope and my first machine.

Active Review:

The C–Scope 440xd manual is clear, concise and short winded. All the information is to the point and easily understood

The C–Scope 440xd is a damn good machine. It is light, well balanced and simple to use.

There are 3 controls on the system –

  • The on/off/sensitivity control switches the machine ‘on’ and sets the sensitivity level.
  • Variable Discrimination control. Which can be set to ignore ferrous metals such as Iron
  • The Retune Push-button. Which I have used on each new field I have used the machine. This differentiates the ground conditions in case of for example – detecting a ploughed field or a beach.

Understanding the control system is simple. Getting the sensitivity to the point required does not take much to comprehend. Given the sites I have used the 440XD have all been high in Iron content, and not wishing to dig all metals, the discrimination control is also easy to familiarize the users self with.

After getting my discrimination level to a point I was happy with, I soon began digging the hits and found numerous items. The inevitable moo tubes were discovered, as well as several other artifacts. I discovered a Victorian style spoon bowl, several pieces of lead, a button and a Victorian penny on the first site, while using the machine for just over an hour.

On my second survey, I also found a piece of a silver pendant, several modern coins and a large buckle from a horse harness. I also believe I have found a shaped potential roman gaming piece. But I am still researching the piece.

Overall all for relatively cheap machine I cannot complain to the C–Scope 440xd’s use as a metal detecting tool. I believe of the many beginners machines I have operated; The C–Scope 440xd holds its own in all categories outside of the digital displays. I will also point any prospective beginners to the existence of the machine. Its additional selling points of the starter kit also gives a new starter, everything needed other than a site to use it.

Well done to C-Scope and thank you for introducing me to this valuable cheaper alternative to other beginner’s machines.

In the near future I will be modifying the length and taking my 6 yr old son with me, letting him learn the basics of metal detecting with this hard working, easy to use machine. So please revisit this review for a 6yr olds updates.

Dave Sadler – Editor.