We were recently invited to visit and learn about The Viking Axe in Macclesfield.

The Viking Axe was founded in April 2019 by Andy Mayo with his wife Vanessa and daughter Danae. A bespoke cabinet maker by trade, Andy left that world behind to start a new adventure – providing something unique and fun in his hometown of Macclesfield.

Andy and Vanessa were happy to chat about everything Viking related. We discussed Viking history, myths, culture, runeology, TV shows, video games, languages, while Andrew also demonstrated battle tactics.

I spent 2 hours at the Viking axe, Andrews knowledge and passion were at another level. I certainly feel that any Viking related research I may need to do in the future, Andrew is my go to guy ( Pun if Andrew is reading)

I learnt that Andy had made most of the items on show in the halls and entrance area. Axes, swords, knives, shields, rigging, tools, even jewellery, Andy has made period specific replica’s that are perfect in relation to the original.

Andy then introduced me to the Viking Hall, home of the axe throwing lanes and I was agog. Visiting is the only way to appreciate everything that has been put into the Viking axe and I felt perfectly at home and comfortable.

My 7 year old son joined me, and was also made to feel welcome, in fact, he wants an axe range in our new shed! He excelled with their child friendly tennis ball on a stick – axe for kids.

I have promised to return and participate properly with the axe throwing, I was aware of the restrictions and lengthy induction on the visit, so had a few throws with the tennis ball axe.

I did however interview Andy and toured the Viking axe. What better way to learn more than in the video. I left with ideas to learn more and cant thank Andy and Vanessa enough for being fantastic hosts and allowing us full access to the Viking Axe.