(WATCH) 3000 year old find of a LIFETIME – BRONZE AGE AXEHEAD by Digger Dawn

Congratulations to our pal Digger Dawn on he bucket list find, She doesn’t get excited….. Much!

In Dawns words – OMG I found a 3000 year old FIND OF A LIFETIME, I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY, I still cant believe it. Ive been dreaming of finding a BRONZE AGE AXEHEAD since I started detecting, we all dream of finding one…… Found with my Garrett AT Max metal detector on a wet and boggy field, a friend also found a GOLD SOVEREIGN and I broke my silver drought with a silver sixpence. Metal detecting doesnt get any better than this! Bronze age axe head Bronze age axehead OMG #axehead #metaldetecting #bronzeage Music by Eldar Kedem – You and Me Merchandise on ETSY – https://www.etsy.com/shop/DiggerDawnMD Contact me on dchip64@gmail.com

Here’s the episode of Dawn’s video in full –

Well Done Dawn. Fabulous find!

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