In 1967, tempers flared during a debate at the National Assembly in Paris, France, and Gaston Defferre resorted to calling his rival an “idiot” (or something comparable). In response to Defferre, politician Rene Ribière (then the mayor of Marseilles) demanded an apology. When Defferre refused, Ribière challenged him to a duel.

Defferre accepted, even after reportedly calling a duel “grotesque and ridiculous.” He even threatened Ribière’s manhood – indicating he’d make sure to render him “unfit” to be married the following day.

The two men met on April 21, each armed with an épée sword designed for fencing. The duel took place outside of Paris at Neuilly-sur-Seine, overseen by Jean de Lipkowski, the secretary of state for Foreign Affairs. Defferre and Ribière exchanged jabs, with Ribière declared the loser after being struck twice in four minutes.