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By Tony Cawood.

Rutus Alter 71 V2.0 Software

Rutus have been listening to their users and have developed a new version of their software that incorporates a range of new features that users have asked for…

And no, it isn’t multi-frequency yet.

What we do get in the new software is a set of enhancements that will have everyone scrambling to upgrade their machines.

Tony with His trusty Rutus Alter 71

Ground Balance Ground balance has been upgraded so that the machine now warns you if it suspects that you may be over metal. This is achieved through both tones and onscreen messaging and is graded based on the likelihood that metal is present. So you can now be even more confident in your ground balancing and ensure you are running at optimal at all times.

User Programs The Rutus has 7 programs, and in previous versions of the software you would tweak the settings on one of these to get your desired settings. But you’d need to reset to get back to the factory programs). Now there are 4 Private programs that you can customise to your hearts content, any changes you make are the saved when you switch off the detector – great new feature!

ID Range The Rutus has a 120 point ID scale, but some users had asked for a scale that they’d had previously – which is -90 to +90. So you can now select this TID range to provide a 180 point ID range. Purely optional though, so if like me you are happy with 120 then you can stick with that.

ID Gain Occasionally the Rutus will not provide a numeric ID for a target, this is usually deep/difficult targets and it does so intentionally, because the processor is not confident it has sufficient info to provide one. But, and again based on feedback, Rutus have introduced ID Gain which allows you to select High and the processor will give you it’s best guess at a target ID… it’s then down to the skill of the detectorist to decide if the extra info provided warrants digging or not. Again a great new optional feature.

Iron Volume Another optional feature, Iron Volume allows you to hear signals rejected by your Discrimination setting when you are in Motion mode. Providing useful additional info on the ground you are covering and what it contains.

Sensitivity on Screen You can now see your Sensitivity setting, as a bar, on the home screen. A useful addition if you are always tweaking it.

There are also changes to program independent features, with Backlight, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch, Volume and Wireless all settings that remain the same between programs – until you change them of course.

The other change that I noticed is to the Language menu, with more languages available to choose from… will be useful for some but I’ll stick to English as it’s the only one I can read.

All in all this is a well thought through software update that enhances an already fantastic machine.

The Rutus Alter 71 is £595 for a dual coil pack and can be purchased in the UK via

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