Readers finds: Medieval matrix seal discovered in Norfolk. By Joe Edwards-Gill


Here’s my best recent find: a medieval lead matrix seal. I thinks it’s from the 1200’s. The Legend reads S’ ROBER’ DE GOSPLY or COSPLY

The Symbol is a sword with a cross above and two incomplete crescents with dots either side of the sword. I wonder if they represent long bows? Could he have been a centener in the Hundred Years War? The imagination goes wild! I love this hobby.

Found in Norfolk, on freshly ploughed soil. Equinox 800, Beach for Land settings. It was a loud clear signal in the mid 20s on the VDI. Target recovered at depth of about 9 inches.

By Joe Edwards-Gill.

Thank you very much Joe for the use of the images and information. If you would like to include your find in our readers finds section. Please get in touch.

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