A few years ago Forensics teams were dispatched to St Mary’s Island after a Metal detectorist discovered a possible human hand on the beach.

Scotty Bea of the North of Tyne Metal detecting group, had been out with pal Tony Stewart searching the beach with their metal detectors on a Friday evening when they discovered the remains and called police.

Scotty said: “At first I just thought it was a rotten bird until I looked closer.

“We decided to call the police because it looked like it could have been human remains.”

Police took the remains away for testing and Scotty and Tony were left none the wiser about what they had stumbled upon.

The pair decided to cancel the night of metal detecting they had planned and head home.

Scotty added: “We’ve never seen anything like that before, it just didn’t feel right, I felt sick, my stomach was turned by the sight of it.”

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police confirmed that officers were called out to the startling discovery.

They said: “We received a report from a member of the public of a human hand found near to St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay. Officers attended the scene and following forensic tests established that the item was in fact a seal flipper.”

Sadly Scotty and Tony never received a response from Northumberland police, speculation as to the gruesome find actually being part of a seal flipper has at this point, still been unconfirmed.

Within the passed few years archaeologists excavating at the nearby lighthouse, discovered the remains of a graveyard. Could this be connected to Scotty and Tony’s find?

Thanks to Scotty for providing the details and images.

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