A few months ago, Shane Holdcroft was enjoying a great days detecting in Staffordshire using his Minelab Vanquish 540 metal detector.

Shane had a number of peculiar discoveries, but the finding of a beautiful crucifix really caught my eye. Shane and I discussed the finds, but in particular the artifact is one I personally find interesting.

I have been privy to several finds of a similar nature, although |I am in no way religious, they always feel as though they were very personal to the person who lost them. The lead Oak Island version is one of the most discussed in the hobby, and again, although basic in its design, must still have meant a lot to somebody.

This particular crucifix weighed 2.75 g and its dimensions are 37.3mm length, 26mm width and 2.7mm thick and made of  bronze with a black enamelling.

Shane has contacted his Finds Liaison Officer, but still awaits their response. This aside, he has discovered it is a crucifix of the Blessed Virgin Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church. He is unsure of the age, but would like to discover more.

Additionally Shane also made a the discovery of a large circular, flat, lead item that he is keen to find out more about. Weighing a whopping 4.10lb with a diameter of 103.5mm and 27.2mm thick. Can you help identify? Please add your thoughts in this pages comments area.

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