Myself and friends Niall Bailey, Kevin Marchesi and Ray Warren child run a local Metal Detecting group in south East England, Metal Detecting- UK Dirtfishing , UKDF for short now known as Peaky Finders Rallies

We have personal permissions but also arrange and provide regular weekly group digs in and around the Weald area and soon expanding out to Kent.

Six months or so ago I got a message via Facebook from a Lady called Jess Migliore asking if we could meet up and discuss the chance of her filming Myself and group so that she could put together a short documentary on us.

Initially the four of us had some concerns , Could we trust her ? How would we be portrayed ? And what about the secrecy of the locations of our permissions ?

We discussed and decided to give it a go and Jess met Myself and Niall with camera man in tow at one of our favourite permissions , Land that had seen many a hammered coin arise over the years.

After face to face introductions Jess and camera man Steve the cameraman began on filming our day Detecting. It was at first very awkward , The usual banter in the field missing as we felt unnatural with the camera following us around but over a few hours relaxed and began to enjoy the experience.

If I remember rightly the first time Jess filmed we found nothing ! It was one of those days.

Over the next few months Jess and Steve continued to capture footage and Jess herself had started to do some detecting with us.

I think the best moment of the entire filming process was seeing Jess find her first hammered coin, it was one of those awkward targets that we could just not find but it sounded to good to give up on !

The resulting short documentary below I think perfectly captures My and my friends outlook on the hobby. Of course finds are important but for many in reality they are almost second to the camaraderie and friendships that exist in this great hobby of ours.

Detectorists spend time out in beautiful countryside , breathing in the fresh air – Sun (or wind and rain) on our faces and we are searching for ‘treasure’ – no denying that but perhaps the one guaranteed ‘find’ in our hobby is tranquillity and the removal of stress as we listen for those sounds and watch the coil sweep over the soil.

Metal Detecting is an amazing hobby – And Myself , Kevin , Niall and Ray would like to say a big thanks to Jess and Steve for the video below which we feel captures the hobby perfectly.

You can find out more about Jess below the video.


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I am Graphic Design Student at the University of Brighton in my final year. We were set a brief to document a subject, a word, a theme, an event or a group of people. I decided early on I wanted to document a unique group of people as I has never done this kind of work before and wanted to try film. After hours of back and forth I ran with ‘the people who metal detect on the beach’, as I used to see them every now and again but had no idea how to get hold of one of them. So, I took to Facebook and came across the Metal Detecting – UK Dirt Fishing page and was lucky to be accepted straight away by Luke Higgins. I explained what I wanted to do, and he explained the basics of metal detecting to me and from there we arranged a day where I could come along to one of their digs, and it was off from there! I really enjoyed the sense of community between fellow metal detectorists, and would love to get out and do some detecting of my own.

If you would like to find out more about this project or a bit more about what I do feel free to email me at –