Pseudoarcheology is a pseudoscience focused on the study or promotion of archaeology in ways which do not meet the basic standards of the scientific method. Pseudoarcheology often involves the study of real archaeological objects such as pyramids and the Stonehenge monument, but ascribes alleged mystical powers or supernatural origins to them. Belief in ancient astronauts, or in mythological locations such as Atlantis, are sometimes part of pseudoarcheology. Indigenous Aryans theory propagated by Hindutva advocates is an example of pseudoarchaeology. 

The Archaeology and metal detecting magazine offer information for all belief’s and areas of historical research, in this area we were lucky to gain access to a number of short writings by well know Pseudoarchaeologust – Erich Von Daniken and offer the papers here for the readers enjoyment.

Whatever readers thoughts of Erich Von Daniken, some of his explanations do give food for thought, and if like me you are of a certain age, Erich was a regular on TV and in the media, so you will be privy to some of his work.