Write for the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine.

Are you a passionate, talented writer or expert who wants to share your story? Have you discovered a fascinating or interesting artefact? Do you need help in identifying your find? Can you assist us in acquiring news items for our readers? Or are a media host who wishes to have your visual or audio cast included in our media area?

If you can offer any of the above, or wish to offer any feedback to our site, please contact us.

Last year the Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine received more than 350,000 visitors. Our initial estimates are over half a million hits in 2018

We believe in the power of sharing your passions, interests, and experiences. Write for us!

OUR PURPOSE is to promote Archaeological, metal detecting and historical views and perspectives not only through the people and stories we cover, but also through the voices we are highlighting and seeking out.

OUR CONTENT represents a diversity of viewpoints, from each genre, including Articles, up to date and breaking news, readers finds, resources for research purposes and much more. It’s translated for the beginner but is still interesting to the expert.

OUR TONE is friendly, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional. We are Archaeologists and Metal detectorist’s offering a totally free resource and hopefully assisting in the positive relationships between archaeologists and metal detectorist’s. Stories are written with a positive spin; we approach topics as interested parties, not critics. All information published is kept as the writers own words and promoted as such. All work remains the writers rights.

You can contact us directly via email at editor@archmdmag.com

Or via our Facebook or twitter page, where all content published appears immediately to over 10000 subscribers.


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