Vintage coin about to be binned valued at an incredible £100,000 – and it’ll help the owner’s granddaughter buy her first home

A rare vintage coin dismissed as ‘junk’ has been valued at more than £100,000.

The coin’s 69 year old owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, inherited the coin decades ago from her grandfather as part of a shoebox full of other coinage.

While clearing out her attic, she found the long-forgotten box and offered it to her children, who politely declined what they saw as “worthless junk”.

The Hull-based owner then considered binning it, before deciding to post it to Vintage Cash Cow in Leeds, alongside other items of costume jewellery and a silver plated tea set.

It’s only then that she discovered the coin is one of 100 of that edition ever made – with valuers estimating its worth at £100,000.

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