VIDEO- AMAZING FOOTAGE: Diver Captured Moment He Finds Shipwreck Treasure Worth $1 Million


In 2015 A diver’s helmet camera captured the moment he stumbled upon treasure from a 1715 shipwreck off the coast of Florida. The 1-minute video above was recorded by Brent Brisben, who found 51 gold coins, 40 feet of gold chain, and an extremely rare coin made for Phillip V, King of Spain. Together, the found treasure is worth over $1 million.

Brisben is the owner of a company called Queens Jewels LLC, which has salvaging rights to the 1715 Fleet, a group of 11 Spanish ships that sank off the coast of Florida on July 31st, 1715.

His find was one of the biggest hauls of treasure so far from the shipwreck site, and luckily for him, he managed to capture the historic discovery on camera.

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