TIME TEAM ! : Salisbury Plain And Its Neolithic Past: TV Archaeologist Reveals Previously Undiscovered Evidence

Phil Harding With Findings

To mark World Heritage Day, television archaeologist Phil Harding, of Time Team fame, discusses how recent excavations by Wessex Archaeology have revealed important new evidence of the Neolithic life at Bulford.


The archaeological dig was part of the Army Basing Programme, building new housing, near Bulford Camp.

Forces Radio BFBS Presenter, Adam Powney, attended his talk at Stonehenge, where he spoke with Phil, about his time on the dig.

Wiltshire has a large population of serving personnel because Salisbury Plain is one of the largest Training Areas in the United Kingdom.

It was a privilege for those who attended, to hear the latest discoveries, uncovering vital evidence of the Neolithic life in Bulford, that very few had heard or seen before.

The younger generations who attended have a burning passion for archaeology inspired by Phil Harding.

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