The surprisingly complex timeline of the Indiana Jones universe

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With just four instalments to its name (and a fifth to come in 2021) you would be forgiven for thinking that the timeline for the Indiana Jones franchise was fairly straightforward.

Well, get out your whips and crystal skulls because the adventure movies starring Harrison Ford have some surprising and complex twists in there. And we don’t just mean Temple of Doom being set before Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Settle down and discover just what happened to Indy and his chums over the years.

Be warned though, we have included the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

5000 BC Thirteen “interdimensional beings” – and most definitely not aliens, according to Indy’s friend Harold Oxley (played by John Hurt in Crystal Skull) – came to the “mythical city” of Akator in Brazil.

They helped the local tribe, the Ugha, with “aqueducts, paved roads, technology”. This is where the titular crystal skull from the fourth Indy film originates.

1400 BC Details are sketchy because the internet didn’t exist back then, but Moses and God had some dealings over the Ark of the Covenant.

For those unaware, the Ark was used by the Hebrews to carry around the Ten Commandments and used it to “talk to God”. The FaceTime of the Old Testament era, if you will.

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