The largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered.

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The Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered. Weighing in at over 3,106 carats or 621.35g, it’s easy to see why the manager of the diamond mine threw it away, not believing it could actually be a diamond.

The giant diamond certainly has a rich history. Having been purchased by the Transvaal Government and presented to King Edward VII as a birthday gift, the priceless gem was delivered through the post while a heavily guarded ship travelled to South Africa as a decoy.

The sheer size of the diamond also caused the man who split it – Joseph Asscher – to faint.

It’s definitely a piece that has attracted much discussion due to its unique and intriguing past, but what of its present? Where is it now? What happened to it and where can you see it, or at least parts of it?

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