The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: Crossover with Ancient Aliens discussed by Kevin Burns

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Ever since executive producer Kevin Burns teased the fans about Giorgio Tsoukalos possibly making an appearance on the show, fans began wondering about when this epic “crossover” will happen. This is not the first time it was rumoured that Tsoukalos will grace the show and it might happen sooner than expected.

Ancient Aliens to the rescue

The Curse of Oak Island has garnered a lot of fans over the years. However, they’ve also lost a lot of followers due to one particular reason. Multiple fans have already shared their thoughts about last season and they found the show already “boring”. They aren’t that much hyped about anything and the last thing that made them go crazy is when they found an artefact that is believed to be connected to the Ark of the Covenant.

According to an earlier interview with Monster & Critics, the guys from The Curse of Oak Island proposed Burns’ to let the crew from Ancient Aliens investigate [VIDEO] the strange activities that are surrounding the island. A large portion of the group believes there are some eerie things in the island that only Tsoukalos can explain. This is plausible since both shows are actually produced by Prometheus Entertainment and are owned by Kevin Burns.

Giorgio Tsoukalos and the Lagina brothers

Adding Giorgio Tsoukalos will surely provide a spark to attract more viewers. Tsoukalos has the uncanny way to explain and mesmerise fans with his analogy on a certain topic, especially on unearthly things. Multiple fans suggest that his injection will happen probably in the very first episode of season 6.

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