Following the revelation in the trailer for ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 8 Episode 11 that Metal detectorist Gary Drayton may have discovered gold, once again the big reveal ended up being another flunk!

Gold is what we come to watch ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ for. Gold is what we never find.

Never mind, here we are, watching the History show for the past seven years, waiting for the answers that have plagued historians, researchers for years.

In the latest episode, Gary Drayton, who has been running around with a metal detector for years, strikes ‘gold’, or so he thinks. But it turns out it is a brass knob from a chest.

Could that be a treasure chest? The speculation runs wild and the team can’t stop theorizing. In the premiere, they found something looking suspiciously like gold, but it fell from the diver’s fingers before they could find anything else.

So what does it all mean? Have they decoded the mystery or like fans say, are they just looking around like a bunch of squirrels?

For those of us who have watched all 8 seasons, we find ourselves thoroughly invested in the story. For myself with an avid interest for years before ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ and like many others, we just can not stop watching. But how long can the show continue, with us all following what looks more and more like a pipe dream.

Bring on episode 12!

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