The Curse of Civil War Gold recap: The forgotten railroad and the lumber tycoon

The Curse of Civil War Gold is two episodes down going into this week’s episode — as Kevin Dykstra and his team try and convince Marty Lagina that their theory about Confederate gold lying at the bottom of Lake Michigan is true.

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The premiere of the new treasure-hunting show saw the group head to Georgia to scope out the site where they believe $2million worth of bullion was looted from Confederate president Jefferson Davis.

In the second episode they attempted to find a ‘forgotten railroad’ which they believe was used to transport the gold to Michigan several years later.

As we gear up for Episode 3 — which comes days after the FBI oversaw another search for Confederate gold in Pennsylvania — here’s 10 things we learned in The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 1 Episode 2.

1: Kevin thinks two men initiated the looting of the gold

Colonel H.J. Minty

Mention of both Lieut. Gen. Benjamin Pritchard and his commanding officer Col Robert H.J. Minty were made on the premiere, but in Episode 2 we learned a lot more about them and what Kevin thinks it is they got up to.

Kevin believes that Minty was the one who informed Pritchard that Jefferson was carrying the Confederate treasury before it got looted in Abbeville, Georgia, but that afterwards the pair had no way to bring it up to Michigan undetected.

That was until a few years later when Pritchard became the Michigan state land commissioner, which gave him the authority to approve new railroad construction, and when Minty became the superintendant of several railroad companies, including one that was building a new line that stretched from Irwinville to Michigan.

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