As many are aware magnet fishing cant really find and ferrous metals and mainly consists of scrap junk being pulled out of our water ways but once in a while magnet fishers pull out some incredible and interesting finds and this was the case again for YouTuber Thatsbrad with his latest incredible find.
Thatsbrad managed to find something never thought off by a magnet fisher before and this was a silver, yes you did read correctly a silver 1820 George 3rd  shilling.
Luckily for brad the silver coin was embedded into very old iron that had rusted around the coin.
Brad had no idea what the coin was, but knew it was old as he could see the date. Once home brad cleaned up his find revealing a stunning 1820 silver coin.
When this coin was thrown or had fallen into the River in Lincoln Town centre, Beethoven’s career was taking off, London became the largest city in the world, the Cato Street conspiracy and radical war in Scotland were in full swing.
Even though magnet fishers rarely find something as fantastic as this it just goes to show if your lucky enough, luck will be on your side.

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You can view ThatsBrad’s video of his discovery here