This weeks episode of History with Kayleigh on YouTube looks at Secrets About King Tutankhamun Uncovered – His Sisters Ruled Egypt Before Him.

Was the throne held by a Queen before Tutankhamun was old enough to rule? If so, who was this Queen? Or even better, as this story slash theory is quite juicy, who were these Queens?

It’s a question that Egyptologists, researchers and historians have asked themselves for many decades now, and it seems that they are agreeing on the answer after all this time.

It starts in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt, King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye had a son; Amenhotep IV but he is better known to the world as Akhenaten. Akhenaten had a Royal wife; Nefertiti, although her lineage is uncertain.

There are theories about who her parents are, for instance, Ay and his wife Tey are sometimes ascribed to be her parents, but they’ve never been explicitly called her father or mother in any existing sources.

It’s been proposed that Nefertiti was Athenaten’s full sister, but this is contradicted by her titles as she doesn’t bear any titles that are used by the daughters of a Pharaoh.

There is another theory about her lineage that does make sense when looking at one of her titles. The title is; “The beautiful woman has come” and it may signify a foreign origin. Some scholars believe she is a Mitanni princess named Tadukhipa from Mesopotamia. If this is true it would break the Royal Bloodline as we have discussed in my previous video.

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