SCOTLAND’S ROCK ART MAPPED : When prehistoric man lived around Glasgow

Details from the cup and ring marks on the Cochno Stone at Faifley. PIC: John Devlin/TSPL.

Prehistoric man was likely to have lived in a number of settlements scattered around present-day Glasgow, research has found. Analysis of ancient rock art sites has identified a “ring” of probable settlements around the city with the creation of Glasgow likely to have destroyed further evidence of Neolithic life in the area.

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People settled close to the River Clyde from at least 3,000BC given the area’s quality farmland and good access to waterways, experts believe.

The findings come as Scotland’s Rock Art Project works with communities across the country to record in detail some 2,000 ancient sites where mysterious cup and ring carvings can be found. Dozens of theories surround the meaning of the markings which may have served as territorial markers, astronomical maps or made as part of a ritual. They may even have been made simply to pass the time.

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