Review: Aristowax Non-Silicone Wood Silk. A cheap alternative for Metal detecting finds cleaning and preservation.

Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine would like to make you aware of a small but growing contingent of individuals like myself, who have found that the use of the Aristowax Wood Silk furniture polish ( with Bees Wax) is convenient, cheap and a fantastic way of cleaning and preserving metal detecting finds.
I am somebody who uses this very regularly and is delighted with its overall use for a totally different use than is usually thought, A brief soak of coins and light use of a soft toothbrush and cloth, has given many of my finds – especially coins, an easy clean and instant preservation.

One of my colleagues – Graham Withers of Tempus: Archaeology and Metal detecting has used this product on a Bronze age pallstave axe head. Which had started to corrode fro bronze disease. The product cleaned and has conserved the axe, leaving in with a fantastic, museum like look.

Graham Withers. Tempus : Archaeology and Metal Detecting. Bronze age Pallstave Axe
Graham Withers. Tempus : Archaeology and Metal Detecting. Bronze age Pallstave Axe,
I contacted the Aristowax company regarding this use, and received the following response –

Thank you for your email.

I confirm that we are aware of many of the uses to which this product is put, however, we do not mention this on the pack or in advertising as it could detract from the product’s image as a furniture polish.  If customers do contact us we mention the alternative uses to which the product can be put.  These include use on leather, car bumpers and dashboards instead of ‘back to black’, metal surfaces including iron gates, curtain rail usage and use in production moulds.  The product is also used by gun owners and cyclists.

The difficulty with launching a specific use brand is that the minimum order for aerosol cans is 30,000 units.

We do not have any problem with regard to you promoting this product and its many uses.  I confirm that the product is a pure oil derivative based product with beeswax which contains no water and no silicones.  It has a cult following.

I hope this is helpful to you and we thank you for your interest.

Kind regards,

Keith Roe’
Given the cost and availability of other similar cleaning and conservation products in the Archaeology and Metal detecting community. I believe that Aristowax Wood Silk furniture polish ( with Bees Wax) is a highly useful, cheap and easily found product, available at many UK high street supermarkets and other retailers.
To learn more about this product and an additional range, which myself and others have not as yet tested, visit – Aristowax Wood Silk furniture polish ( with Bees Wax)
The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magaine fully endorse the use of this product, we have in no way been offered remuneration or similar offers for the promotion of this product. As a purveyor of information, we believe the cascading of information which may benefit readers is important to our aims.
Dave Sadler – Editor.

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