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Hi Lance. Thanks for taking the time for this Q & A. Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Lance – Hi my name is Lance Goolsby. I’m a 15 year veteran of the US Army who decided to get out and stay in Germany. Along with Dave DiNatale I helped create the Global Detection Adventures podcast which is available on iTunes and Google and I also believe it’s on Amazon for android. We talk every two weeks about metal detecting, interviewing people and have some well-known people who also have different segments on the show. I’m a metal detectorist by hobby; I get out as many times as I can. But with the weather over in Germany, especially at the moment, I’m not able to get out all the time. Sadly. I currently use an XP Deus metal detector and for anybody who wants to know any of the settings that I use, they appear on our website which is www.global-detecting.com.

Archmdmag – What was the initial reason for you to become interested in Metal Detecting and history etc?

Lance – I have always had a huge interest in History and archaeology. I always wanted to work in the field. I did some work with the US Army in Fort Irwin, California. We were studying ancient Native American collection places that were the basis for a trade on the West Coast. 20,000 years ago it was a very forested and very populated place. Native American tribes from all over the United States used to travel to this location to trade wears, goods, pottery and so much more. This caused me to become even more interested in archaeology. Then several years ago I started looking online for some reason, and found deep digger Dan the metal detectorist. I was watching his adventures in Germany as he was metal detecting. And I became more and more interested. Then around the same time a television show in the United States began call diggers. That show and digger Dan showed me that I was able to, as a regular person, go out and find history lying in the ground for centuries. The only thing that I would need is a metal detector, a shovel, and patience. That’s exactly what I needed I had just gone through a mental breakdown brought on by post dramatic stress disorder and the quietness and the tranquility of metal detecting really spoke to me. Once I began it was a no-brainer for me it was a great therapy and up even more fun hobby

Archmdmag – And what are your accreditations in relation to Archaeology and Metal Detecting?

As far as my credit accreditations I really don’t have any as I find objects I look them up online. I find that the research I am looking up relics and items is one of the greatest things that I can do at home. It’s kind of a mystery you find something sitting in the ground, you have no idea exactly what it is, and the fun is actually trying to look it up online to see if you can try to figure out exactly what it is that you found and are holding in your hand. The love of the history the items the relics the connectivity between yourself and the person who lost it or two of the greatest things that I think really make metal detecting so much fun.

Archmdmag – Can you give us some examples of the sites and work you have been involved in?

Lance – Sites that I’ve been working on really lately, I have really been some historically significant sites near me in Germany. One of the sites has been in occupation and used for living and farming for over 3000 years. If you look in dig in the ground you can find pieces of stone that were flaked off to create tools and weapons and all kinds of other things. Another site that I have was also part of the salt smuggling route during the medieval period. This area has a small tower on at that stands about 2 m tall and on it they would place a fire to let the smugglers know that no soldiers or knights were in the area, so the smugglers could then continue their travels on until they don’t see your flame. That would mean that in the area were soldiers or any kind of law-enforcement officials back of my time. My new permission which I have yet to metal detect lies directly on this route. So I’m really excited to get out there and actually dig up the area to see exactly what kind of history I can find. I’m really looking forward to finding any kind of medieval artifacts and relics. I have worked with the archaeology department like I said in Fort Irwin California and that was really my eye-opener to let me know about how much fun archaeology truly was. You see an area that’s just covered and stones and then laying on the ground or flakes from where people are sitting around telling stories and making arrowheads. This is the kind of thing that really speaks to me in a kind of a romantic way. I can picture it in my mind all the trees that were there, the green grass, all the people standing around telling stories maybe a fire. This really speaks to me this is the kind of work that I wanted to do.

Archmdmag – What has been you most exciting or interesting part of your studies. Either finds or similar?

Lance – I have had a lot of really interesting finds. But I think the most important find so far to me was the medieval cross pendant that is in one of my videos. It’s between 1000 and 1100 years old. It’s small only 2 cm tall, but the significance it has to me really speaks tons. It’s one of the most personal items that I’ve had. It was obviously being worn by somebody at some point and lost. The hopes dreams, beliefs, everything that that person was connected with this necklace. It’s very personal, it was directly on their skin it was hung around clothing, it was a significant decorative item to kind of show their place in society. To find it in the middle of a field obviously to me, spoke that the person must’ve lost it riding a horse. Being almost in the middle of nowhere where I found it, that person must have been riding for a while. It’s a very important fine to me because I am religious as well and it is a time of Knights armor, horses, war, poverty, all kinds of things rolled up into one and this necklace was witness to it all. It was a significant fine for me one of my favorite. I have found many other things including the medieval Crucifix and other relics but this to me was my most precious find that I have found so far.

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Archmdmag – What’s next for you? What does the future hold in relation to Metal Detecting and what would you like to achieve?

Lance – Well obviously if you know me you know that I am one of the founding members of global detection adventures. The website the podcast and so much more it’s going to be expanding in 2017 that it’s going to be almost a worldwide epidemic. We’re looking forward to creating an online shop; we will be attending rallies and events all around the world, recording a podcast and videos in front of everybody. We will be submitting for approval from a production company and idea for a television series starring myself, where I met of the tech Europe and share that with television stations in the United States. Still in the works nothing solid but it is something that we are looking forward to do this year as well. Our sponsor XP metal detectors I really helping us out in reaching out to more people. With their help we will be attending more rallies all across Europe in the coming year, where we will actually be recording a podcast live in front of an audience. This will give the audience a chance to interact with any of our gas, as well as ourselves. XP have been really influential in helping us become a larger and a more recognized metal detecting entertainment source.

GDA is pleased to announce that December has 2 guests so big, they need to be split into 2 separate episodes. The guests are none other than…


Tim “Ringy” and George “KG” of the National Geographic Channel show, “Diggers”

This will be two episodes you can’t afford to miss.

We will be announcing the huge guests for 2017 very soon as well. This will be the year of celebrity Metal Detecting. And you, our loyal listeners, will be in for some amazing episodes

Archmdmag – Finally. You’ve had a number of Media episodes published by archaeology and metal detecting magazine. What are your thoughts on the magazine, and what is your role working alongside it?

Lance – We have been working with Dave Sadler and Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine now for almost a year, Dave and the magazine really help spread the news about metal detecting around the world. I know people from all corners of the earth are reading the website, and getting news and topics and information about finds and archaeology that happen all around the world. Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine truly is a magazine that cares about the hobby as well as archaeology and found a way to combine the two together to create a symbiotic relationship that really shows the compatibility of both working side-by-side. I hope that in the future magazines such as archaeology a metal detecting magazine what help to influence archaeologists into understanding that metal detecting is not harmful for them but it is a great tool for archaeology to use when conducting digs. And global detection adventures will always be there to help archaeology and metal detecting magazine reach as many people as possible to help spread the word and love of archaeology and metal detecting.

Please find below, episode 9 of the Global Detection Adventures Podcast, with guest, Dave Sadler, editor of Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine.

Thank you kindly for answering the questions Lance. Much luck to you and the Global Detection Adventures with your expansion opportunities.12718148_961055343971554_5852751208162958559_n

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