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The world is once again at a standstill. But behind the scenes of the Archaeological and Metal Detecting world the gears keep turning.

Thought my many to be the most innovative company in their genre over the last few years, Nokta Makro have brought a number of new products to the market this new year.

The Nokta Makro back pack is a self explanatory item. Large enough to fit all necessary equipment for your day. Lots of compartment and a large litre size. Straps in multiple positions for security in the field and exceptionally comfortable.

Nokta Makro – Pin Pointer Leg Holster

As also shown in the above video, the Nokta Makro – Pin Pointer Leg Holster offers a secure place to carry your pinpointer, again, comfort is also fantastic.

Nokta Makro – Premium Shovel

The premium shovel is Stainless Steel, has a Laser Print Ruler, T-Handle, Wide Footrest and a Double-Sided Bottle Opener.

The Dimensions are:

  • Collapsible Shaft 80.5 – 97 cm (31.5″ – 38″)
  • 24 cm (9.4″) Blade with Teeth on Each Side
  • 16 cm (6.3″) Handle

A fantastic looking tool for both archaeological fieldwork and the metal detecting hobbyist.

Nokta Makro – Premium Sand Scoop 3-in-1 Set

This Stainless Steel sand scoop incorporates a 2-piece handle for easy transportation, 3-Way Adjustable Angle, 7/16″ (11mm) Laser Cut Holes, a Sharp Front Edge and a perfect 9″ Size Opening


SCOOP : (L X W X H): 23 cm. X 15 cm. X 12 cm. (9.1″ X 6.0″ X 4.7″)
ROD SET : 61 cm. (24″) – 38 cm. (15″)
HANDLE : 17.5 cm. (6.9″)

Nokta Makro – Finds Pouch

The Nokta Makro finds pouch features 3 zippered pockets including an internal pocket to store trash and finds separately. A removable and adjustable belt. 77 cm (30″) – 140 cm (55″) and  Thick fabric webbing for attaching your pinpointer or other digging tools. Perfect for in the fields.

Nokta Makro – Premium Digger

The Nokta Makro Premium Digger is a 7.5″ stainless steel blade with cutting edge teeth will cut through roots and difficult soil with ease! The product includes a belt holster.

All products can be purchased from Leisure Promotions

We are sure you will agree that all of these products combined indicate a strong start to 2021 for Nokta Makro. Individually each offers its own unique addition to its range.

For those wishing to offer additional feedback in the comments for fellow Archaeology and Metal Detecting enthusiast’s, we would welcome your input below.

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