Metal detector hobby turned into service

LOST TREASURE: Jean Williams has found many valuables for people over the last 12 years.

WHEN Jean Williams first purchased a metal detector she didn’t expect it would turn into a service helping so many people.

“I bought a cheap little metal detector about 12 years ago and would go out on the beach with my son but he soon got over it,” she said.

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“But I kept doing it and while I was out combing the beach I would get people run up to me saying they had lost their keys and ask me to help them.”

She said it started happening so often she realised there was a gap in the market on the Coast.

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“I don’t make enough to call it a business as such, I call it a service I offer to the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

The Bli Bli woman now travels anywhere from Noosa to Caloundra when called upon.

“The most common thing to get called to find is wedding bands,” she said.

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