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UK DETECTOR NET IS THE PREMIER METAL DETECTING SITE in the UK and has been in existence since 1994.

Created by Brian & Mo’ Cross it must be one of the longest-established metal detecting sites in the world.

The site is supported by the Dealers and Manufacturers listed throughout the site. We hope you will support them. There aim is to assist all those within the hobby and those contemplating joining this fascinating hobby.

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Created on September 28th 2002, bringing together detectorist’s everywhere to discuss the hobby, their finds, the machines they use and a million and one other detecting related subjects that they are likely to talk about. UK detector net forum is your portal to the fascinating world of metal detecting.

Since September 2007 the UK DETECTOR NET (UKDN) Team have been producing a +30 page online magazine entitled WORD each and every month.

This is a hobby magazine with a difference in that, it is free and it is without those pages and pages of advertisements that other hobby magazines seem to be full of.

The bulk of the content has been written by forum members and covers all aspects of this wonderful hobby from coin and artefact identification to research topics to reading the geography of your chosen fields.

The UKDN Word is also presented and promoted by the Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine and links published upon magazine publication each month below. Additional news and announcements from UKDN will appear here.

Introducing the UK Detector Net Forum

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