If so I’m pretty sure you have been looking at those ‘high performance, professional machines’ on Amazon and elsewhere ? Y’know the ones that go half a mile deep and cost between £90 and £200 – Tempted ? Don’t be.

Liken it going fishing with a stick and rope as opposed to a decent rod and set up with bite alarms etc, Yes , you will still catch the odd small fish but many more will get away……It’s the same with those cheap, plastic , unbranded detectors. They WILL find you some metal objects BUT will miss many, many more.

The technology that goes into a ‘decent’ metal detector cannot be found for a couple of hundred pounds.

BUT the recently released NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX+ comes in at a starting price of just £269 and is available at Peaky Finders Metal Detecting shop and rallies in the UK as well as other metal detecting shops.

The NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX+ is the first waterproof detector on the market offering extreme depth and high-end features at an entry-level price! A machine simple enough for beginners, yet impressive enough for experts!

The NOKTA MAKRO SIMPLEX+ has many features only usually seen in much more expensive metal detectors and could be a great choice to get you started in the wonderful hobby of metal detecting.

For further information visit the Peaky Finders Metal Detecting shop and rallies website