Legends of Buried Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

From Captain Hook to Indiana Jones, some of the most celebrated characters have stolen a place in our hearts through their quests to uncover lost treasure.

Whether it’s for the heroic spirit of adventure or thought of discovering the unknown, the hunt for hidden riches seems to be a timeless theme.

While children and adults alike are thrilled by the stories of treasure hunts, they are largely accepted as simply fantasy and fiction reserved for escapism only.

But hidden treasure doesn’t only exist in storybooks.

In fact, many believe there are some lost treasures yet to be discovered in real life.

Throughout the centuries, adventurers, royals and rich families have come across items of enormous financial value.

Warfare, superstitions and other dangers are said to have made them want to hide their treasures, with the intention of retrieving them at a later and safer time.

But as the stories go, that time never eventuated. From priceless hidden Nazi possessions to cold, hard cash from the mining boom – here are the sites many believe still hold real treasure.

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