Just Detect have launched a pro membership package with the following benefits

– Pro member only prize draws where you can win metal detectors, accessories and more at least once a month

– A quarterly special edition of The Archaeology & Metal Detecting Magazine including exclusive statistics from Just Detect

– FREE UK Metal Detecting Insurance.

Find out more / become a pro member at just-detect.com

Just Detect is a brand new app for recording and sharing your finds with detectorists around the world!

Launched in June 2021, Just Detect already has over 2000 members in 20+ countries and over 2,000 finds recorded so far.

Visit just-detect.com for more information or get the apps via linktr.ee/justdetect

App Features

– Create your profile

– Record up to 10 images per find, including information such as notes, event, metal detector brand and model, country, broad period, material, land type, object type, dimensions, weight and the findspot location (optional, always private and integrated with What 3 Words)

– Follow other members to see their finds in your feed- Message other members in the app

– Filter all finds by country, metal detector brand, model, event, material and more!

– Like, comment and save finds across the app

– Connect with like-minded individuals- Obtain and assist with find IDs

– Enter prize draws.

Just Detect will publish at least one free UK draw every week and one pro member-only draw every month. All winners will be chosen at random, live on The Big Detecting Show every Thursday from 8 pm.

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Detect will be launching the ability to book UK permissions online and via the apps soon.

If you need assistance, you can email the team at help@just-detect.com

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